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The town of Castellfollit de la Roca, aware of its valuable natural heritage has been working for a long time to achieve a harmonious economic and social development with its natural surroundings.

Agenda 21 (the local plan of action for environmental sustainability) was implemented in 2000-2001, with the participation of technicians, the local population, and the town council, and has established strategies for the future of the town which have become short and long term policies.

Some of these policies for the next few years are as follows:

- Formulating a plan to preserve the town's allotments
- The creation of walking routes to recuperate old paths
- Minimising the erosion of the basalt cliff
- Promoting the reduction in electrical energy consumption
- Promoting the reduction in the use of motor vehicles
- Promoting the separation of rubbish for selective recycling
- Drawing up a special conservation plan for the old town.

The objectives of these policies are to improve living standards for the townspeople, while making the town a more pleasant place for visitors.

Below are a few examples of ways to respect the environment and contribute to the sustainable development of Castellfollit, or of your own town or city:

- Use litter bins, don't leave litter
- Use selective recycling containers (bottle banks etc.) whenever it is necessary so that resources can be re-used.
- Use signposted paths to minimise impact on the environment
- Use public transport to reduce pollution and reduce the consumption of fossil fuels. (Scarce resources)
- Do not capture or remove animals, plants or rocks from the area of the Natural Park.

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