Other places

A few yards from the old town, where the Fluvià and the Toronell meet, lies an area of small allotments, farmed by the townspeople, and separated by stone walls. The walk alongside the allotments forms part of a hiking route in the Natural Park which facilitates views not only of the precipice, but also sites of archaeological industry, canals and dykes which today divert water to the factories of Can Mulleras and Can Xaudiera (Montagut) to produce hydroelectric energy.

Leaving the area of the old town one arrives at the bell tower of Sant Roc, whose clock marks the passing of time for the whole town.

The town has many squares and open spaces where children can play, and where the not so young can rest a while. The Plaça de Catalunya is one such area, a modern construction which has become a habitual meeting place.

In summer the swimming pool, open to everyone, is the perfect place for visitors to cool off on a hot day, as well as being a leisure area for young and old alike.

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