The Olt Town

The old town of Castellfollit de la Roca, has its origins in mediaeval times, and is formed by squares and dark, narrow streets. The houses are mostly made from volcanic rock.Barri_Vell

At the end of the cliff, the site of the old cemetery until 1961, the year in which it was formally closed, and moved to its present day location, lies the Josep Pla viewpoint-square. This balcony offers a spectacular panorama, from which the town’s strategic location, and its naturally advantageous position for defence can be fully appreciated.
On one side of the cliff stands the old church of Sant Salvador, which dates back to the 13th century. The present building, rebuilt on numerous occasions, is of a late Renaissance style, with a square clock tower, open on all four sides and crowned by a dome-like roof, adorned with small pilasters. The building has kept a late Romanesque window as well as numerous re-utilised basalt freestones.

esglesiaThe church was used as a place of worship until it was destroyed during the Civil War. The poor state of the church after the end of the Civil War led to the decision to construct a new church in the new area of the town, and abandon the old building. In the mid 80’s, the old church was restored into a cultural centre thanks to a neighbourhood project. The restoration of the church has been remarkable as glass and iron have been used together with the original stone.