Geographically speaking Castellfollit de la Roca is situated between two protected areas of high natural and landscape value, close to the region’s capital.


Castellfollit de la Roca is the gateway to the Natural Park of the Volcanic Area of the Garrotxa, the finest example of volcanic scenery in Spain and Portugal, and one of the most important in Europe. The park extends over an area of 12,000 hectares, within which there are more than 40 volcanic cones and 20 lava flows and places with their own unique landscapes and natural features.

volcansGeologically speaking the area is volcanically inactive but not extinct, as the last eruptions occurred relatively recently, between 15,000 and 10,000 years ago.

The landscape of the Natural Park consists mainly of woods, which include holm oaks, oaks, beeches and alders amongst others. The flatter areas are dedicated to the cultivation of forage and cereals for livestock and also to pasture areas.



bassegodaCastellfollit de la Roca is also a stone’s throw away from the Area of Natural Interest of the High Garrotxa, a protected area of 33,000 hectares. It is undoubtedly the most important area of the Eastern Pre-Pyrenees due to its diversity and uniqueness.

Its limestone landscape is markedly rugged, characterised by cliffs and rock walls which plunge into deep valleys. Holm oak woods predominate, with contrasting areas of oak groves.
The High Garrotxa also contains a wealth of national heritage: country houses, villages, hermitages, and charcoal burners’ camps can be found on the paths which wind their way through the area.



besaluBesalú lies some fifteen minutes from Castellfollit, the town was declared a national historical and artistic site due to its architectural wealth. The “Miqvé” or the Jewish Purification Baths, the Romanic bridge, The church of St. Pere, the parish of St. Vicenç and Sant Julià, are the legacy of a historic past which can still be discovered today.

The Municipal Tourist office offers guided visits.


montsacopa10 minutes from Castellfollit lies the city of Olot, famous for its art and its beautiful scenery. Among its numerous features, the city’s cultural wealth should not be missed.

There are a variety of museums (Museu Comarcal -the Regional Museum-, Museu dels Volcans -the Museum of the Volcanoes-), a multitude of art galleries, concerts, a theatre and cinemas among other features. However Olot also has a large shopping area to offer the visitor. Finally, mention should be made of the Volcano of Montsacopa, also known as Sant Francesc, in honour of the chapel at the summit, a marvellous viewpoint with a perfectly defined crater, preserved intact, dominating the city with its presence. Link