What to do?

Enjoy the multitude of activities on offer, and you won’t have time to get bored. You can hike, go for quiet walks around old streets filled with memories of the town as it was in years gone by, or take part in our celebrations of music and dancing, the decision is yours.

Stretch your legs

If you’ve been waiting for the moment to vanish from sight and lose yourself in the silence of the forest, or if you are interested in learning about local lore and legend in a region full of local traditions, this is the ideal location. Castellfollit de la Roca is a starting point for numerous walking routes where you can enjoy marvellous natural surroundings, and refresh your senses.

  • Walking routes around Castellfollit

Route number 13 of the Natural Park of the Volcanic Area of the Garrotxa is a route around the basalt cliff, and the most interesting places in the old town. It takes about 45 minutes, and you’ll get to know the history and culture of the town and its immediate surroundings. Setting off from the car park next to the junction with the road to Oix, first cross the road and descend in the direction of the River Fluvià. Continue on, along the riverbank and cross the walkway over the river. On the other side of the river, the path continues, crossing the River Toronell and going up to the town on the old road, a section of the old “Via Annia”. The route then passes through the streets of the old town, up to the plaça de Sant Roc. The path goes down to the road, following a flight of steps to cross the bridge over the river Fluvià to finally bring you back again to the car park where you set off from. The entire route is signposted. However if you want to walk a little more there are numerous routes which set off from, or end up in Castellfollit. Here’s an example.


  • The route to the sanctuary “del Cós” (Montagut)

This route begins in the plaça de Sant Roc (the square of the town council or Ajuntament). From here on follow the main road down to the flight of steps at the entrance to the town. Going down the steps, continue to the new bridge, and cross the bridge arriving in the car park of the “Parador”, from where you can enjoy an excellent view of the basalt cliff of Castellfollit. rutacos Starting up again, move off towards the town of Oix, and immediately on the right there is a signpost which directs you to the path for the Sanctuary del Cós. This path is indicated by green marks, all the way to the end of the path. Following these marks you arrive at the quarry of Can Pesca. From here on, remembering to follow the marks all the way, go left onto a forest road and follow this for about 300 metres. Turning to the left again, after a short while you’ll pass by another abandoned quarry, that of Can Vinyoles. Keep going up, and after a short while you’ll get to the Cós. From this 598 metre high peak, you can enjoy excellent views of the Garrotxa. There are also two architectural points of interest: The Church of the Cós, which although recently restored dates back to the year 1105, and the castle, built in 1070. From here on there are different options: If you want to continue walking, you will find a signpost which shows the different paths to follow to go to Montagut, La Cometa or even Sant Eudald. The other option is to go back to Castellfollit de la Roca by the same path. This route is signposted along the entire path. Approximate distances and time (at 4 km/h):

  • Castellfollit de la Roca - sanctuary - Castellfollit de la Roca 8 km (2h)
  • Castellfollit de la Roca - sanctuary - Montagut 7.5 km (1h 50 min)
  • Castellfollit de la Roca - sanctuary - La Cometa 6 km (1h 30 min)
  • Castellfollit de la Roca - sanctuary - Sant Eudald 10 km (2h 30 min)

As a final recommendation, remember to respect the environment. So that others can enjoy nature.

Fairs and public events

There are many public celebrations during the year which open up the streets and squares of Castellfollit de la Roca. The calendar below gives the names and dates of the most popular events.

  • tradicionsThe Festival of Fraternity. (Whit Sunday)
  • The Festival of Saint Roc (16th of August)
  • The Town Festival (3rd Sunday of September)
  • The Parade of the Three Wise Men (5th of January)
  • Duathlon (a Sunday in February)
  • Summer activities (all weekends from the end of June to the end of August)

Good times are guaranteed!

The market

Every Saturday morning in the main town square, (the Plaça Major) you can find high quality local produce, whether you are looking for recently picked vegetables from the town’s vegetable gardens - tomatoes, onions, garlic, beans, turnips, pepper etc.-, or fresh fruit, plants, flowers, or household ornaments, come to the market and you’re sure to find what you’re looking for. tradicions2